Big Society, Disability and Civil Society Research

Website for ESRC research project 'Big Society? Disabled People with Learning Disabilities and Civil Society'

What is a self-advocacy?

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Campaigning for things what we are passionate about fighting for our rights(Robert).

Help and advice for people who are having problems with their life helping them to speak up.( Emma)

Being a rep for people with learning disabilities sharing other opinions on their behalf.(Alison)

Speaking up in a group at meeting and forums/conferences and presentations.( Vicky)

Gives me independence and advice. (Jodie).

Helping others if they have a problem supporting each other.

Helps me with more confidence to travel and speak up for other people  and being a CQC Expert By Experience (Vicky).

Speaking up for yourselves/sharing what you have learnt with others giving other people confidence.(Graeme)

Support and talking on somebody’s behalf if they can’t do it for themselves (Alison).


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