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What would happen to you if advocacy services were cut?

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I would lose touch with my friends and I wouldn’t have anything to do, I would lose my job at the moment I speak up for people who can’t speak and I lead on our projects like Healthy surfers which teaches people to us the internet safely and look up health information to help people understand things,  I wouldn’t be able to do that without this organisation  (Jodie).

I would be lost without my advocacy service. They have given me a lot of advice around benefits and letters to help me understand what they are about (Emma).

I would lose my friends that I have made (Glen).

I would probably be on Job Seekers and struggle to find a job. I would lose my job, I represent people and I couldn’t do that, I would be lonely, My advocacy work has helped me and a lot of other people feel valued, where would we be without advocacy. (Robert).

I would lose my independence and confidence to travel alone I am learning about things at Speakup and I couldn’t do that or see my friends I would have nowhere to go. (Antony).

I would have less things to do. I would lose my confidence, I would have to find another job so that i could pay my mortgage; but jobs are hard to find for people with learning disabilities. I have two girls I wouldn’t make ends meet. I would be lonely my advocacy group forms part of my circle of support. (Vicky).

I would have to find another job so that I could pay my rent. I would feel lost because i wouldn’t be able to contact my friends. I would lose my new skills. I would not learn new things, At Speakup I have learnt to read much better than I did and I represent people and speak up about things that make our lives bad and speak up for things that make our lives good I couldn’t be able to do that. (Alison).


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