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BigSocietyDis at the Society for Disability Studies, Atlanta, Georgia, 10-13 June

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Dan Goodley and Katherine Runswick Cole gave a paper at this major international disability conference held annually in the states. Their paper was part of a panel, moderated by Mel Chen, entitled “Beyond ‘Human rights’ and ‘the Human’: Disability, (post)human and DisHuman Studies and Intimate Citizenship”. There were three papers in the panel:

Dan Goodley and Katherine Runswick Cole, “Becoming Dis/human: Thinking about the Human through Disability”
Kirsty Liddiard, “‘I’m a lie-back-and-think-of-England type of man’: Imagining the Posthuman Dis/sexual Subject”
Esther Ignagni, “Failing Domesticity: Towards Dis/parenthood”

Dan said ‘SDS is an established American conference that brings together activists, academics and artists to engage with disability issues. It was a great opportunity to work alongside Kirsty and Esther to explore the ways in which disability troubles but also desires the human – as a category and organising principle around which to consider the rights of disabled people. We had a full house for our panel and were able to share our emerging work in – which has extended out of our work on the BigSocietyDis project and allowed us to work with Kirsty and Esther on shared themes of self-advocacy, intimate citizenship and community & family activism’.

More details of this work can be found


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