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11th August, 2015: Becoming a researcher-in-residence (or the problem with coproduction)

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Katherine Runswick-Cole (MMU) was welcomed to the Department of Education at the University of Otago where an audience of students and staff gathered to listen to her talk about participatory research and the limits and possibilities of coproduction.  Katherine also spoke about the impact agenda in the UK.

Katherine’s presentation sparked discussion of the possibilities and challenges of coproduced research in New Zealand and the UK.  Discussion about how to ensure that research findings reach audiences outside the university also followed, alongside discussion about different approaches to research dissemination and the requirement in the UK to develop pathways to impact.

Katherine said: “Many thanks to the staff and students who attended the session today and to Gill Rutherford, in particular, for her organisation.”

You can download the presentation here: NZ becoming a researcher in residence

Thanks also to everyone for showing their support for #JusticeforLB (



Author: Katherine RC

Katherine is Research Fellow in Disability Studies and Psychology at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change at Manchester Metropolitan University

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