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11th August, 2015: Meeting the Family Network, Dunedin

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Katherine was very excited to be able to meet with other parents of disabled children and members of the Dunedin Family Network  The Family Network is a support network for parents of disabled children offering information and advice in Dunedin.

Discussions ranged from the challenges families face in finding inclusive schools in the area to talk about the difficulties in transition from children’s to adult services.

Katherine shared examples from the UK and from the current project about some of the challenges and opportunities for disabled children and young people and their family carers.

Katherine said: “Both personally and professionally, I was delighted to be able to meet with family carers in Dunedin and for us all to share our experiences of raising disabled children. Sadly, there were many parallels, parents ‘fights’ in Dunedin are very similar to those of parents in England. I would also like to thank the parents for offering their support for #JusticefoLB and for their shared understanding of the aims and values of the campaign.”



Author: Katherine RC

Katherine is Research Fellow in Disability Studies and Psychology at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change at Manchester Metropolitan University

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