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#IntimateCitizenship day two and three: labouring, consuming, loving

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Day Two began with an introduction from Kathryn Church, Director for the Centre for Disability Studies at Ryerson University. She welcomed the international participants to the workshop. Participants then split off into three workshop groups: loving, working and consuming.

Each group used different arts based methods to explore the theme including drama and artwork to facilitate the discussion. You can see some of the art work below.

11220917_10204215821586663_6305331680128727246_n 11949299_10204214118144078_6429143615387366900_n 11990612_10204214117704067_2412636589460837826_n 11231324_10204214117504062_7090270403238452201_n 11222306_10204214116944048_2201697132003652142_n 11232901_10204215823386708_712306869573059069_o 11951949_10204215823746717_5437507555573323326_n 11959985_10204214117944073_5736235848257236414_n 11222193_10204215822346682_3069929391045921042_n

The following day, each group fed back from their group work to talk about each of the strand.

Then Dan and Katherine facilitated a knowledge café style workshop reflecting on what people had learned over the last few days.

Key learning included:

  • desire is always fraught for disabled people;
  • ableist desires always cancel out the desires of disabled people;
  • disabled people desire compassion and a future
  • people who love and care for disabled people play an important role in enabling intimacy
  • Sometimes ‘love’ looks like violence and control over disabled bodies
  • We need to make space for people with learning disabilities to get what they want
  • Connections matter
  • love is not just about wanting, but also about giving, some people with learning disabilities are not allowed to give and not allowed to love.
  • disabled people are always thought to be consuming too many resources but not consuming in the ‘right’ way
  • Disabled people are assumed to consume too much… Healthcare, social supports

The third day ended with a discussion of future plans for collaboration


Author: Katherine RC

Katherine is Research Fellow in Disability Studies and Psychology at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change at Manchester Metropolitan University

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