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Don’t forget to sign up for our Conference Disability Austerity Resistance 15th & 16th September, 2015, Sheffield

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Disability. Austerity. Resistance. End of Project Conference 15th & 16th September, 2015, The University of Sheffield.

This is the end of project conference for us, please down load the full programme for details of how to book your free place and more information about the event and the venue.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL PROGRAMME HERE   Disability. Austerity. Resistance

Programme Tuesday 15th September

Welcome (10.00- 10.15)

  • Professor Gill Valentine, Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Social Sciences, The University of Sheffield

Introduction (10.15-10.30)

  • Dan Goodley, Professor of Education & Disability Studies, The University of Sheffield

Keynote 1: Coproducing research in a time of the cuts (10.30-11.00)

  • Jodie Bradley, Vicky Farnsworth & Annie Ferguson, SpeakUp Self Advocacy, Rotherham

Break: Tea/Coffee (11.00-11.30)

Keynote 2: Circles of Support (11.30-12.00)

  • Helen Smith, Community Circles

Keynote 3: Staying Strong: How north-west self-advocacy groups are coping with austerity  (12.00-12.30)

  • Laurence Clark, Dene Donalds, Karen Flood and Vicki Hornby, Pathways Associates.

Lunch (12.30-1.45)

Keynote 4: What works in employment ( 1.45-2.15)

  • Keith Bates, The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

Keynotes 5: Voices to be heard: standing up and being listened to (2.15-2.30)

  • Bob Langsford

Keynote 6: My Concerns about the Cuts (2.30-2.45)

  • Kevin White

Knowledge Café (2.45 – 3.45)

  • Rebecca Lawthom, Manchester Metropolitan University, Katherine Runswick-Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University & Dan Goodley, The University of Sheffield

Tea/Coffee will be available from 3.00pm

Please bring your tea/coffee back with you to your knowledge café tables.

Close (3.45-4.00pm)

Programme Wednesday 16th September

Welcome (back) (10.00- 10.15)

  • Katherine Runswick-Cole

Keynote 1: Disability. Austerity. Resistance. (10.15 -10.45)

  • Dan Goodley, & Katherine Runswick-Cole

Keynote 2: The Disabling Effects of Cultural and Political Economies of Stigma


  • Imogen Tyler

Break (11.15- 11.45)

Keynote 3: Disabled People and Austerity: ‘Causes’, Consequences and the Fightback (11.45-12.15)

  • Alan Roulstone.

Keynote 4: Caring and volunteering in domestic spaces: an evaluation of a UK Home-Start organisation in austere times. (12.15-12.45)

  • Jenny Fisher

Lunch (12.45- 2.00)

Keynote 5: Disability, austerity, and the labour market. (2.00 -2.30)

  • Aaron Reeves

Keynote 6: Waiting for the train that never comes: What the statistics do (and don’t) tell us about inequality and people with learning disabilities (2.30-3.00)

  • Chris Hatton

Tea/Coffee 3.00-3.30

Plenary: 3.30-4.00 Because we’re all #humantoo

  • Dan Goodley, Rebecca Lawthom, Kirsty Liddiard, Katherine Runswick-Cole