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6th October, 2015: Talking co-production at the Centre for Social Policy & Social Work at the University of York

On 6th October, 2015, members of the research team and our partners, SpeakUp Self Advocacy, travelled to York to talk to their Social Policy and Social Work Centre about the Big Society project.

We spoke about the ways in which academic and other partners had worked together from the beginning to think about the research questions and how the project progressed.  We worked together throughout the project on data collection, analysis and dissemination, with the research partners sitting on the research management group for the project.

Discussions on the day focused on some of the key findings of the project – visit the other pages on this blog for details of this – and some of the overlaps with research being undertaken by members of SPSW at York, particularly around access to employment for people with learning disabilities and digital exclusion.

We would like to thank Katie Graham and Jenni Brooks for inviting us and the people there who took part in the discussion that followed.