Big Society, Disability and Civil Society Research

Website for ESRC research project 'Big Society? Disabled People with Learning Disabilities and Civil Society'

Journal Publications

Runswick-Cole, K., Lawthom, R. and Goodley, D. (2016) The trouble with hard working families, Community, Work & Family, 9 (2):  257-260.

Igagni, E., Liddiard, K., Fudge Schormans, A. and Runswick-Cole, K. (2016) “Some people are not allowed to love”: intimate citizenship in the lives of people with learning disabilities, Disability & Society, Online at:

Goodley, D., Runswick-Cole, K. and Liddiard, K. (2015) The DisHuman Child in Discourse: The Cultural Politics of Education DOI: 10.1080/01596306.2015.1075731#.Vh-V2844RDE

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2015) Disability and Austerity: ‘Cruel Optimism’ in Big Society, Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 4 (2): 162-186.

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2015) DisPovertyPorn: Benefits Street and the Dis/ability Paradox, Disability & Society,

Goodley, D., Lawthom, R, & Runswick-Cole, K. (2014). Posthuman disability studies. Subjectivity.

Goodley, D., Lawthom, R, & Runswick-Cole, K. (2014). Dis/ability and austerity: beyond work and slow death, Disability & Society, 29 (6), 980-984

Goodley, D. and Runswick Cole, K. (2014). Becoming dishuman: Thinking about the human through dis/ability. Discourse: Cultural politics of education. Published online June 2014. OPEN ACCESS.

Goodley, D. and Runswick-Cole, K. (2014) “Big Society? Disabled people with the label of learning disabilities and the queer(y)ing of civil society”, Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. Published online. OPEN ACCESS.


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